What it is

We collaborate, compete and multiply

IBClusters is a strategic non-profit association that brings together the innovation clusters of the Balearic Islands, the Chamber of Commerce oF Mallorca and the University of the Balearic Islands (Department of Innovation and Knowledge transference). The main role of IBClusters is to guide local companies in the adaptation process to the continuous change of our times based on three inspiring principles:

- The idea that industrial policies should be fostered by the public administration/the government considering strategic economic sectors that can lead change.
- Bringing technology or knowledge innovation tractor projects into focus.
- The efficiency, competitiveness and positioning of the region within the group of innovating European regions.

The strategy of IBClusters combines new ways of creating value and competing in different markets. It takes into account the territorial balance and the need to increase the professional status of local companies, to identify opportunities to develop new products and to share the best practices of the all different sectors.

IBClusters is shaped in three dimensions:

Territorial Dimension
The companies are based in a specific region, the Balearic Islands.

Multisectorial Dimension
The companies are bound to a particular cluster system which has a specific industrial value.

Co-operative Dimension
Companies relate with each other in a co-operative and complementary way. But they also compete with each other. Co-opetition: companies co-operate and compete at the same time.