- To transform society through innovation, fostering the areas in which the Balearic Islands specializes.

- To turn IBCluster into the driving force of economic and social change based on both knowledge and experience.

- To promote joint innovation and research.

- To raise productivity and competitiveness for economic change through specialization, the development of complementary business activities and the increase of negotiation power.

- To enhance talent and the creation and transference of knowledge among companies and in the whole society.

- To encourage cooperation among companies, institutions and both public and private agents to jointly face strategic challenges when an individual response is not enough.

- To consolidate sustainable companies for the future thanks to networking.

- To promote a healthy economy in the Balearic Islands through the creation of an economic model which emphasizes creativity and knowledge in order to attract talent and investment to the community.

- To catalyze investment to be made in collaborative and innovative projects