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International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies Applied to the Tourism Industry

TurisTEC is a cluster of companies and institutions dedicated to the production and implementation of technological solutions for the tourism industry. Turistec brings together the know-how of more than 50 years' experience in the development and improvement of tourist destinations. Turistec's partners boast a client portfolio which includes leading companies of hotel management, airfreight, sea transport, tourism, leisure and culture, travel agencies, complementary services and virtually the whole industry value chain.


Audiovisual Cluster of the Balearic Islands
The Clab's mission is to promote synergies among the different agents of the audiovisual sector and the media in order to achieve competitiveness and visibility at a global level through R&D, innovation and creativity. The Clab's vision is to become a model thanks to its capacity to deliver projects and audiovisual services with global scope, to promote the community as a large natural film set and to contribute to sustainable development.


Balearic Islands Cluster of Technological Innovation in Tourism
Balears.t is oriented to the development of tourist change projects by the application of innovation and technology to every link of the tourism value chain.


Biotechnological and Biomedical Cluster of the Balearic Islands
BIOIB started as an initiative of companies in which technological innovation plays a key role in their competitiveness strategy. The cluster is made up of all the agents of the so-called triple helix, that is, the government, knowledge institutions and the industrial fabric of the biotechnology and biomedicine sectors.


Marine Innovation Cluster of Balearic Islands
IDimar's mission is to foster competitiveness in the marine sector of the Balearic Islands by improving the technological level and enhancing the capacities of the sector to develop quality and synergetic projects of R&D and innovation.


Chemical Industry Cluster of the Balearic Islands
The mission of CliQIB is to promote the business development of the chemical sector of the Balearic Islands, particularly in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises. Information, training, the promotion of cooperation in a competitive context, the improvement of management and the boost of competitiveness are key factors to achieve this goal.

Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca

The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Mallorca was founded in 1886 as a Corporation of Public Law. Since then, the aim of the chamber has been to promote regional, economic and business development through the analysis and the provision of specific services to companies. The Chamber's main lines of action include the support to business competitiveness and the promotion of business internalization.


University of the Balearic Islands
The public university of the Balearic Islands, through the Department of Innovation and Knowledge Transference in coordination with the Department of Research and Post degrees, encourages entrepreneurship for the creation of new companies and the dissemination of R&D and Innovation